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Through the beauty, gentleness and power of original score, dance, symbolism and true testimony, Arise Sweet Sarah - the feature length film - shares a message of life and healing in the aftermath of abortion. One in three women of childbearing age will abort by age 45, and these statistics are not exempt in the church. 
Now is the time to break the silence and let the healing begin. 
Find courage to watch. Find courage to share. Find courage to begin again.
We are dancers mobilizing and moving in silence in front of abortion clinics, raising awareness of the silent cries of innocent children calling out from the womb, and the silence of shame tormenting millions in the aftermath of abortion. Our mission is to end abortion in America. This is silent intercession and the peaceful unity of movement. We use our feet and our bodies to battle for justice. Please contact here to participate or start a local chapter in your area. Contact us here.